Filled with nuanced expressions of family and faith, Sara Groves' All Right Here bests Groves outstanding Conversations and lifts her into the upper echelon of singer/songwriters. All Right Here is a deeply Christian album that manages to transcend the CCM genre and touch on universal themes of family, faith and friendship.

Groves wrote or co-wrote all but two songs on All Right Here: Pierce Pettis' and Jonell Moser's You Did That for Me, with its peaceful resignation to the merit of Christ (I don't have to cry anymore … I don't have to know it all … I don't have to be ashamed … You wore the chains so I could be free / You did that for me), and Nate Sabin's Jesus, You're Beautiful, which ends the CD with an explicit love song to the Savior.

Sabin not only produced All Right Here but also co-wrote the punchy title track and the CD's marvelous lead-off song, Less Like Scars, in which Groves pictures her emotional wounds transformed by a growing realization of who she is in Christ.

The album's centerpiece, Maybe There's a Loving God, tells of an unbeliever's gradual awakening to the reality of a Divine Being, building to a resounding realization. Maybe I was made this way / To think and to reason and to question and to pray / and I have never prayed a lot / But maybe there's a loving God.

Groves' extraordinary release on INO Records is by turns delicate, graceful and joyous, showcasing a range of human emotion that rarely finds its way onto one recording. With deft marketing, All Right Here could find a receptive audience among fans of Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin and James Taylor, while further broadening Groves' audience among believers.

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