Robert A. Briner, Sr.
1935 - 1999

The Music Channel at was privileged to have Bob Briner as a regular monthly columnist for seven months prior to his passing with his Roaring Lambs column. Please read any of his columns by clicking below. (Use the "back" button on your browser to return to this page)

Roaring Lambs (intro)
Immersing Christians Into The Arts
Roaring Lambs - Vacuum
A Peacock at the Crossroads
The Politicization of Christian Radio
A Different Kind of Class
Sense and Nonsense

Become more acquainted with Bob's challenging and inspiring books by visiting your local Christian bookstore:

Roaring Lambs
Management Methods of Jesus
Management Methods of Jesus (2 audio cassettes)
Business Basics from the Bible
Leadership Lessons of Jesus
More Leadership Lessons of Jesus