leelandlover:  What was your favorite part in recording the new album?

Chris:  The song “Half Our Lives”—having Katie Herzig come in and sing.

Pete:  Across the street from the studio is a great place to eat fish tacos. We spent more time there. ... It’s going to become a new goal of our band to make fish tacos more and more popular. Taco Express was our second studio.

Matt:  Working with Chris Stevens, our producer; he's an awesome guy. He’s also a storm chaser, ha ha. He’s one of those wonderfully, quirky, creative people.

ThisMoment:  I really like your latest album. My favorite songs on it are “Turn on the Lights” and “Legacy.” I was wondering what your favorite song to perform live is?

Sanctus Real:  Right now, it’s “Sing.” It’s the closest thing we’ve done that you could consider a corporate worship song. It’s really cool to feel that people are being led in that sort of worship. A lot of our songs are topical, [with] a worship verse or line. That song is mostly vertical in nature, lyrically. It’s really cool to sense the presence of God moving, and to hear people sing with us in that way is really refreshing.

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**This interview first published on July 23, 2008.