Her joy is contagious, the joy of a friend who’s figured out that nagging worry, found a new kind of peace and reached out and given some of it to you.

Looking toward the future, Groves acknowledges a new opportunity to come alongside other artists and offer her example. Though she calls herself “an uneasy mentor,” she’s struck by the fact that she’s been making music for eight years now. “It doesn’t take long to grow up on someone’s music,” she says with a laugh. “I am excited and nervous because … even in myself I’ve been mentored by so many – Jars of Clay, their action from afar, watching their work with Blood:Water Mission. And then Charlie and Andi [Peacock] – I hope that I’m a Charlie and an Andi in Minneapolis because I’ll tell you what, they’ve influenced so many people, and they bring the Kingdom alive in so many cool ways.”

What else might the future hold for her, Troy and their two little boys? Groves isn’t sure, but she’s OK with that. “I feel very positive these days. I feel very aware of good news these days. I feel very aware that God is up to something and that I get to be a part of it, and these are exciting times to be alive.”

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