Gotee co-founder tobyMac is one person who knows Kelly has what it takes. “Sarah pushes beyond the typical ‘ccm safe’ female voice. Lyrically, she is so honest; she writes from the depths of her soul,” Toby explains.  “She is a true artist – a worshiper.”

Though originally an English teacher in her hometown of Rockford, Ill., Kelly now has apartments in both Rockford and L.A., where life has pushed her into the throes of mainstream culture and the lives of many non-believers from whom Kelly seems to have gained infinite insight into the human psyche. She says, “These people are not as far from God as we think they are. Musicians are such spiritual beings, and they know that there’s a God. They know it because they encounter it every time they play. And they’re either running to Him or running from Him. I’ve had some really great talks and, even, prayers with some people that would blow your mind – real people with real lives on the journey trying to figure it out just like everyone sitting in a church pew.”

When not performing, Kelly strives to help others continue on their own unique journeys through mentoring students. “There’s only one theme of my life,” she says, “and that’s to help people write music so they can connect with God.”  

Free from abusive relationships and better able to pour her energy into the lives of others, Kelly is poised with a fresh perspective: “People are people – everyone is just trying to find their way. I’m not up there claiming that I’ve found the perfect way ‘cause, honestly, I’m still searching, too. If we’re dead honest, we are all still figuring it out.”

With "Where the Past Meets Today" releasing, opportunities looming and a full touring schedule in the works, Kelly’s quest continues. Sounds like a dream coming true.

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