Bill Gaither

"Awareness in general of the important things.  A dramatic awareness of the important things in life such as time with my family; cookouts with the grandkids; sunsets with Gloria--and the beautiful times with my friends.  Realizing the importance of every minute we have in this day."



"I was on my way to the studio, driving right by the Nashville airport.  The sky was cloudless, piercing blue, and utterly empty.  No muffled roar of jet engines, not a single vapor trail etched on the horizon.  All that my mind's eye could see was that incomprehensible image on TV of planes exploding into buildings.


"Did it change me?  It changed all of us.  Did it change my writing?  Regrettably, it reminded me of what I should never have forgotten.  We who are privileged to write Christian music spend far too much time looking through the latest drum loop files and wondering what will fly on Christian radio.  The food chain in Christian music, from writer to radio programmer is often tasteless and stale.  The events of 9/11 remind me to think--when did I last look into my wife's eyes, touch the softness of her cheek, and tell her I love her?  Or feel that ache and deep yearning as I watch the innocent face of my son gently sleeping?


"Jesus said, 'I have come that you may have life, and have it abundantly.'  9/11 reminds us that life is exquisitely beautiful and devastatingly fragile and deserves to be written about with great heart and feeling."



Joyce Martin McCollough (The Martins)

"The tragedy of September 11 made me more aware of people around me and of their needs.   I have always thought of myself as a sensitive person, but my awareness has been intensified.   We visited the Pennsylvania crash site recently, and I was surprised that I could feel such grief for people I did not even know.   I found myself wondering about their children, their parents, their spouses; but mostly I found myself wondering about their souls.  Who knew Jesus?  Who didn't?   It was another reminder that we can never share the Gospel too much.  We never know if it is the last time someone might hear it."