Chonda Pierce

"I don’t carry my fingernail clippers on the plane with me anymore.  I’ve had 14 pairs of fingernail clippers confiscated from me.    Seriously…I never leave my house now with anything unsaid.  We talk about it before we leave.    {September 11] woke me up at the crucialness to help people find God.  What I do is showbiz in nature, but at the bottom line is man.  Someone might leave my concert and not find Jesus.  [September 11] is a sign.  I don’t know how God can tarry.   It’s made me go, wait a minute, time is short and we need to get some work done." 



Joy Williams

"I've experienced in my own life a deeper desire to find refuge in Christ, and I've noticed a greater hunger for worship overall from the people I have encountered since 9/11."