CMCentral:  Since your goal is reaching the “secular world,” is releasing the record through the Christian music industry a marketing disadvantage?

Dave:  Different people say, “Why don’t you do this in the mainstream so you don’t get pigeonholed?” But abandoning who we are would not be right. We don’t sidestep who we are. We are born-again Christians here with a new song of hope.

CMCentral:  With weekly commitments at the Center, are there any plans to tour nationwide?

Dave:  In addition to playing three worship services each week coast-to-coast (twice in L.A., once in N.Y.), we also have about 80 dates this summer and fall. We’re in the midst of touring, and it’s going great.

CMCentral:  That’s a lot of miles logged.

Dave:  [Laughs] We get a lot of frequent flyer miles.

CMCentral:  How do you guys keep your energy up?

Dave: Red Bull and Starbucks. [Laughs] We cannot let the dream get ahead of our hearts and walk with God. In other words, if we’re putting eight hours into rehearsal, we better be putting 16 hours into prayer, in the Word and being with the people God gave His life for. It does take a commitment, but it’s worth it when you see people come out of the toughest and darkest situations and totally turn around. That’s better than any Red Bull.

CMCentral:  So this music is born out of a lifetime commitment more than career aspirations?

Dave:  Yes. The first thing God has put us on this planet for is to make a difference in someone’s life. Music is definitely down on the list of priorities.

CMCentral:  So I don’t live in L.A. How do you encourage me to serve, reach out and make a difference? 

Dave:  Hurting and lost people are everywhere. They don’t have to be homeless, down-and-out and in gangs. If we just serve the people Christ died for, whether they’re the elite or the down-and-out, He’ll bring the dreams He gave to us to pass. No matter where you’re at, make it more about others and less about self; and then God will make all your dreams come true.

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**This interview first published on June 25, 2009.