When siblings Joshu’a, Je’kob and Rachael Washington join forces, they create a sound like no other sibling group gone before them.

Rachael not only sings, but steps up to the plate as the first legitimate female rapper to hit the Christian industry.  Brothers Joshu’a and Je’kob alternate between rap and melody, creating an intriguing, progressive sound.

Souljahz tackles a variety of topics throughout the 14-track album, including poverty, child abuse and abstinence.  Perhaps the most well-presented anti-racism song not performed by a dc Talk member is “The Color Hate.”  Its smart lyrics rock:  “Who ever said havin’ rhythm means you gotta be tan/ She was taught to be colorblind but her ears could hear/ And every time they talked about her, her heart shed a tear.”

Souljahz’s blending of melodic measures with staccato rap, acoustic and R&B style, and male and female voices fills a void in Christian music; and the group will no doubt make headway into the mainstream as well.

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