Further study of “simply theology” in his Bible study class brought Groves to a better understanding of his struggle. “It’s about being torn between — I hate to say this because it sounds so churchy — the old [human] nature and the new [godly] nature. I just prefer to say the midnight and the dawn. I want people to understand that it’s OK,” Groves reiterates.

“Let’s not be in denial of that anymore because we are destroying people’s faith by saying you’ve got to have it all together. That denies the whole story of the gospel. Christ came to give me eternal life and abundant life now, but what abundant life looks like may not be what you think. It could be a war every day of your life.”

And for the moment, Groves seems to be amidst a cease-fire. “I don’t know if I’ll ever be balanced,” Groves says. “If it looks like it, it’s probably because I’m passing through the middle on my way to the next extreme.”


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