In the interest of time this week (it's going to take me a while here to get ready for the Oscars on Sunday night … please, I'm just kidding and have decided to only watch the red-carpet arrivals this year, thanks to Joe Camp), I've boiled down the week's most noteworthy news bits into a top five listing for your reading pleasure, and my ease of working today.  So … enjoy!

5.  Power-Pop Group Jump5 Puts YOU in the Director's Chair
So you want to be in a music video, eh?  Well, now the Sparrow Records quartet of peppy teens known as Jump5 is making that possible for you and their young fans via "Jump5 Video Director."  The family-friendly interactive game allows the user to take control of everything from choreography and wardrobe designs to music selection, camera angles, lighting, props and lots of other cool effects – one of which lets the user sing along and play back his or her performance, thanks to a Karaoke feature.

"With so many video games today focused on violence and negativity, we wanted to create an action game that offers a positive influence," shares Jump5's Brittany Hargest.  "By tapping into all the creativity involved in making a music video, children will be able to practice and learn new skills.  And parents can feel good about this game, too."

Hey, I'm not a parent … and even I feel great about it.  "Jump5 Video Director" is available on CD-ROM, is compatible with most computers and is now available at major retailers with a suggested retail price of $19.98.

4.  New "Mother of Gospel Music" LaShun Pace Returns with "It's My Time"
Being told by a renowned Christian leader that YOU could carry the torch left by the great Mahalia Jackson as the "mother of gospel music" has got to be a bit intimidating?  You'd think.  But for gospel great LaShun Pace, it appears to have been nothing but inspirational. 

After a four-year hiatus, gospel great LaShun Pace is returning on a new label (EMI Gospel) and releasing "It's My Time," a set of 10 songs she wrote after experiencing serious health problems, the breakup of her marriage and the death of her oldest daughter, Xenia.  "When I'm performing now," shares Pace, "my purpose is to be able to touch somebody's spirit and let them know:  'You may have seen some dark days, but God is with you.'"

Already the album's first single, "For My Good," has been No. 1 on the Christian Singles chart for a total of 10 weeks and is currently No. 27 on Billboard's Top Singles chart and No. 13 on the R&R Gospel Radio chart and climbing.  "It's My Time" releases March 1 from EMI Gospel.  Check it out and see what all the fuss is about here.

3.  ZOEgirl Promo Tour Hits 40 Radio Stations in 36 Cities in 7 Days … Whew!
After the three women of pop trio ZOEgirl split up recently to hit the West Coast, the Mid-West, the East Coast and the South while promoting their upcoming "Room to Breathe" disc on Sparrow Records, maybe they decided to take it easy and stay put in one locale during the album's actual street week next month.