They say "time waits for no man."  Nowhere is this nifty concept more evident to me this month than it is with my new 2005 calendar.  I have a bona fide love/hate relationship with it. 

Love my initials on the faux leather and the compact size. Hate having to transfer over data and important dates and rewriting all the addresses perfectly in just the right color of ink. 

Thankfully, I planned ahead and did most of the transfer deed back in December, but I've still got one foot in the calendar quagmire.  So while I'm there, let me offer you some of the upcoming disc release dates you might want to highlight, too.  Got your pencils ready? 


Velasquez's newly formed A'postrophe Records is hatching projects from two new-to-you acts this month.  Rock band Grand Prize will see debut "Identity" hitting stores on January 25, and label mate Michael Cook's "Imprint" (think Bebo Norman or John Mayer) will also release that same Tuesday. 

Interesting factoid about Grand Prize … last summer the Boise, Idaho-based boys were travelling down a Nevada interstate when they lost control, flipped their van, and lead singer Luke Caldwell and roadie Tucker Maile were thrown from the vehicle.  Bumps, bruises and 30 stitches later for Caldwell, the band's van and trailer were totaled and a wake-up call was entirely in order.

"It was the scariest day of my life, but God proved His faithfulness to us and we know He has an awesome plan in it," shares the band's front man.  After the wreck (no major injuries), a band member returned to the scene and gathered four stones that were marked with traces of Luke's blood.  Today, those "stones of remembrance" go where the band goes and are a constant reminder of God's protection and sovereignty.


You really owe it to yourself to check out David Crowder Band's next offering, if only just for the title:  "Sunsets & Sushi – Experiments in Spectral Deconstruction" (sixstepsrecords).  Arriving at a music store near you on February 15, the collection contains mostly ambient remixes from the No. 1-selling disc, "Illuminate."  A simultaneous release of Crowder's first book is also planned.  "Praise Habit – Finding God in Sunsets and Sushi" (NavPress) introduces readers to a new way of thinking about praise as lifestyle, where it becomes as natural as breathing and life-defining as any career or activity.

Same day, different genre, Steve Green will see his 25th studio project, "Somewhere Between," released on Sparrow Records.  Known mostly for his inspirational stylings, Green says his latest is different than the rest.  "I've covered a lot of information over the last 24 albums, the nature of which has been largely a declaration of objective truth," he says.  "But this project asks questions."

Following a difficult period, during which he lost his 73-year-old father to Parkinson's disease, "Somewhere Between" was born to offer music to help hurting people hold on to faith through the darkest of times.  Producer Greg Nelson, along with Brian D. Sewer, Bernie Herms and Ron Huff, lends his talents to the neo-classical prayers in song.