Nathan:  I think probably the first few years of us traveling full-time and doing this, we had to learn to have lines where Watermark stop and Nathan and Christy begin.  That was a very hard thing to get established in the beginning. We’d be saturated with, “We’ve got to write, we need to tour, we need to travel, we need to do this." Our jobs don’t really start at 9 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. It’s an all-consuming kind of a job. So, I think it took us a few years to really try to place those boundaries around us and draw those lines. Now, if we go on a date, we don’t talk about any music or anything like that. Our talk has to be outside of music. Having Noah two and a half years ago–that really made us set up some boundaries as far as where our family begins, too.

People always say to us, “Gosh, it would just drive me nuts if I brought my spouse to work with me.” I can understand what they’re saying, but I think to us, it’s kind of all we’ve ever known. It just seems natural. It seems odd when we are apart or if I’m working here in town without Christy -- that seems out of the ordinary instead of the other way.

Also, having to be on stage and to sing songs and to minister together as a couple, I think it makes us have to talk about stuff more. We have to make sure that there’s nothing in between us before we go on stage, because we’re the kind of folks–we’re not real good entertainers, so on stage, we’re just kind of who we are. We’re maybe a little too honest. And Christy, if she’s not real happy with me–she could mention it that night. So anyway, that’s kind of a double-edged sword there; it’s good that we have to talk through stuff every night before we go on. Would you say that having children has improved your marriage, or changed it in any way?


Christy:  It’s definitely improved it because we’ve grown up so much. We’re not allowed to be selfish. We definitely did get to a place with Noah where we would carve out our date night every week, which we were able to do because we had a nanny for the road. So we had somebody to help and that was a huge deal and proved to be very helpful for our marriage, you know, to just go out and eat and talk. And also, we’ve gone out with other couples a lot, which has been incredible and we learn from them and get involved in their lives too. 

We hope to get to that place with the new one, and I know we will. It’s just right now we're still kind of in survival mode. But the children have definitely caused us to grow a lot with each other. I think I fall in love with him all over again when I watch him be a dad and bless his heart, he has to be a dad and a mom sometimes because he’s at home a lot more than other dads. It’s kind of tough right now. He’s kind of itching to get out of the house and work. Do you have plans to resume recording?


Nathan: I think that we actually want to do some dates this spring. We started traveling with Noah, our two-and-a-half year old, when he was about seven weeks old, so traveling to him is just another part of his life. It’s not a big shock to him to go jump on a bus. We haven’t been on a bus probably in four months, but still, probably every other day he'll say, “Go night, night on the bus?” It’s part of his thing and it’s part of his little groove, so we want to make sure that we set that up with the new baby, with Alley, to where it’s just kind of part of her life as she grows up. But yeah, we’ll probably do a few dates this spring and then…