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You're Gonna Love The American Bible Challenge

Let there be no mistaking: The American Bible Challenge game show is a Christian program on secular television, one that is all at once entertaining, inspiring, and educational.

Christians Unite “As1” to Make Changes in Hollywood

Restoring the relationship between the Christian community and Hollywood behooves everyone involved.

Dark Night: Time for Salt and Light

Did the Batman film itself play a role in the Aurora massacre? That’s a big question.

LifeWay and 'The Blind Side': Another Side to the Story

There are always two (or more) sides to a story. And that’s the case with LifeWay bookstores and The Blind Side.

Bless Widows With Your Art

Every year the Home School Foundation sends Christmas Cards to widows who have received assistance from the Foundation...

  • Home School Foundation |
  • August 01, 2012 |
  • comments
Evangelical Tracts and Real Art

It may be cliché to say that evangelicals are bad at art---we are, and I think most thoughtful folks know it. But we struggle to identify why we are bad at art.

A Dark Night Indeed: Trying to Make Sense Out of Another Senseless Act of Violence

Another senseless act of random violence in America has made the headlines. This time there was a random shooting in a movie theater, during the opening night of The Dark Knight. This was the midnight showing in Aurora, Colo., just outside of Denver.

Why Mayberry Resonates in the American Heart

The Andy Griffith Show works because it reflects the best of America, not an unreachable fantasy. When crises happen, the citizens of Mayberry pull together.

Cottages and Vegetables: Leaving the Christian Art Ghetto

Christians shaped the arts as we now know them: music, theater, sculpting, literature, you name it. So what happened?

Blind-Sided: Heading for Cultural Irrelevance

I’m kind of upset. A great movie was pulled from the shelves of a Christian bookstore chain.

Disney-Pixar's Brave Has Heart

Set in ancient times of the mysterious Scottish Highlands, Brave looks within to find one’s fate and the meaning of true bravery.

Prison Drama: A Passion Play

For inmates at a maximum security penitentiary, recreating The Life of Jesus Christ is an opportunity for moral—and spiritual—rehabilitation

What We Miss

We need to stop believing that everything worth experiencing is worth recording. There’s nothing wrong with taking pictures and shooting video—of course there’s not!—but in all our clicking and in all our capturing, let’s make sure that we’re not missing out on life’s best experiences.

Documentary Exposes Bureaucratic Corruption Running Rampant in U.N.

Each year, U.S. taxpayers give the United Nations $8.5 billion for peacekeeping and humanitarian purposes. But what exactly is the U.N. doing with all that money?

Freedom Fought for in For Greater Glory

As a general leading the fight for religious freedom, actor Andy Garcia signed up for a role that’s admittedly more personal.

Mindless Entertainment at the Movies

Is there anything wrong with a little mindless entertainment? Maybe not, but too many of us are engaging in a lot more than just a little of it.

Why Hunger Games is Flawed to Its Core

Suzanne Collins can really write. It’s just that we can’t really read.

  • N.D. Wilson, Trevin Wax |
  • May 18, 2012 |
  • comments
What Maurice Sendak Can Teach the Church

Maurice Sendak, who just died, doesn’t seem, at first glance, to have much to teach Christians. But this atheist with a cynical outlook and a foul mouth saw something of the fallen glory of the universe we followers of Jesus sometimes ignore.

Chuck Colson's 50 Films Every Christian Should See

As some of you may know, Chuck loved movies. He saw them as a wonderful way to communicate truth and the many characteristics of our loving and all-powerful God. By viewing and studying certain films, he believed we could be inspired to live better lives. I think he was right.

Girl in Progress Can Do Something Good

Can a PG-13 coming-of-age film do something good for moms and their teen daughters? Director Patricia Riggen says it can.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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