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Why Do We Get Caught Up in Movements, Sports, or Reality Shows?

If “American Idol” or the latest reality show proves anything it’s that people like to get caught up in things with other people. There is no shortage of news junkies, political movements, rock and roll groupies, or “save the whale” supporters

Yesterday’s Taboos: Torchwood, Pedophilia, and a Dying Culture

Four years ago, the BBC decided to capitalize on the immense popularity of the long-running "Doctor Who" series by creating a spin-off called "Torchwood."


Let’s imagine a season of MythBusters where all they did was explore “myths” about the Christian faith in order to determine whether or not they were true.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • August 23, 2011 |
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The Help: Seeing Sin through Cinema

Sometimes we Christians we don't see sin right in front of our faces -- that's where the arts can help us.

Helping Hands Get The Help Done

Based on Kathryn Stockett’s best-selling novel, The Help is what happens when friends help friends make a Hollywood movie.

Latest Pooh Adventure is Simple but Profound

Winnie the Pooh transports us to a place where the hidden treasure is found in simple pleasures and sacred friendship.

'The Code' in the Christian Blogosphere

Rumor has it that there is a moral code in professional hockey that guides how players hit each other or when they fight. Supposedly everyone knows it and it is universally seen as “dirty pool” when someone breaks this code. However, whether the code actually exists is a matter of debate. Is there such a code in the Christian blogosphere?

Magic Isn't Might: What Deathly Hallows Could Have Been

The final movie of the Harry Potter series is mundane where it should be magical, and magical when it should be mundane.

The Next Christians: Creating Instead of Condemning

When it comes to renewing the culture, author Gabe Lyons reminds us that it’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

Midnight in Paris and the Pull of Nostalgia

If the opening chapters of the Book of Ecclesiastes were to take on flesh, the result would be something like Woody Allen. And now the angst-ridden filmmaker is back with a new movie, Midnight in Paris.

The Gospel According to Harry Potter

I'd been following Harry's adventures with interest since Christians discovered the characters used magic and began crying "Heresy!" As a committed Christian and theologian, I wanted to give my students an opportunity to assess whether these claims were true.

Why Pixar Films are So Widely Engaging
Why Pixar Films are So Widely Engaging

Robert Velarde, the author of The Wisdom of Pixar: An Animated Look at Virtue, explains the appeal and value of Pixar films through looking at the virtues (and vices) of dynamic characters in movies like Up, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles.
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Four Lessons I Learned from Disney

For me, the Disney heroes served as role models during my early walk with Christ, teaching me lessons I often failed to learn at Sunday school.

Bad Christian Art

What if a reinvigorated Church were to embed genuine faith in the artist’s soul, such that he reveal the world in its brokenness and beauty? Would Christians embrace or despise the result?

When Artistic Preferences Hinder Worship

Worship leader Travis Cottrell talks about what God really expects.

How to Seize upon the Culture's View of Faith

Faith has become a significant theme of entertainment and a topic of popular culture. It's an open opportunity for Christians to point winsomely and clearly to the One in whom we have faith for the forgiveness of our sins.

Nudes in Religious Art: Fig Leaf or Full-Frontal?

Scores of believers oppose any nakedness in art as blasphemous or akin to pornography. For others, it's not nearly as clear-cut.

  • Peggy Fletcher Stack |
  • June 08, 2011 |
  • comments
Why Disney Princesses are Bad

Aladdin is still my favorite Disney movie, but I have a little bit more perspective on these princesses who are, in general, a bad idea.

DeVon Franklin: He’s Produced by Faith

“Look at your life as a movie,” advises Hollywood executive DeVon Franklin. In his first book, Produced by Faith, he shares what he’s learned about turning faith into a professional asset.

Rob Bell Helps Hell Break Into Pop Culture

You have to hand it to Michigan Pastor Rob Bell. Not only did he put hell on map of the evangelical landscape and on the lips of almost every evangelical; he ultimately managed to get hell on the cover of Time magazine just in time for Easter.

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