What will happen if the Christian community fails to support these projects? “That’s an important consideration and part of the reason why I started As1,” Bock says. If there’s no audience for Bible stories, studios will stop making them. “We have in front of us this window of opportunity; this portal,” he says. “If we’re smart we’re going to run right through and catch up to culture again right here, right now, with a few very strategic moves and forever change (hopefully) for the future the relationship between Christians and Hollywood.” But, he warns, “if we don’t run right through it, that portal is going to slam shut and they’re not going to make another one of these projects for another generation. We need to start acting for the good, uniting for the good, finding ways to do that and make a better world.”

To learn more about As1 or to join the As1 community, visit their Web site at as1.org.

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Publication date: August 15, 2012