This is the first in a four-part series we are calling “Slaying the Dragon,” where we will explore God’s destination for us. All men have dragons standing in their way, preventing them from being closer with God. We are going to look at how to slay the dragon. To slay your dragon you have to have a sharp blade and a clear aim. Along our dragon slaying journey, we’ll talk about some dragon slayers. Finally, we’ll give you spiritual solutions to slaying your dragons and allowing you to get to your physical destinations, health destinations, professional destinations, personal destinations and emotional destinations.

Welcome to Part One of a four part series we’re calling “Slaying the Dragon.”

Let’s begin this series with a universal truth in the world of men. I think you will agree with me that men, in general, do not like being hindered or blocked on the way to a destination. For me, it doesn’t matter if I’m tripping over my wife’s shoe on the way to hang up a shirt in the closet or unexpected traffic on the freeway right? You think you’re going to get to your destination and then all of a sudden you see all the brake lights and then you kind of feel let down. You may be going to get your coffee on the way to work and think it’s going to be an-in-and-out thing, and then you see that there is a line twenty people deep at Starbucks, so you say forget this.

It’s kind of the way we are wired. When we have a destination or goal, we want to get there. In our minds, we think we should be able to get there without hindrance, obstruction, or obstacle. As soon as a hindrance comes between us getting to where we want to go, it gets some kind of reaction. It may be small or it may be large, but there is a reaction.

The examples I gave are physical destinations, but you know what’s even more frustrating? What’s more frustrating is when you are not getting to your destination as a man.

This is what happens when we are 25 or 35 or 45 years old, but our emotional development is stuck at age 15 or 20.  Where we are lagging behind, and now have man-sized responsibilities, man-sized relationships and man-sized goals, but our character is not concurrent with our chronology with our age.

Take your pick. What’s getting in your way of you going from boyhood to manhood? What’s keeping you from achieving the character to live your life well? Is it temptation? Is that what makes you feel like you’re not there yet? Is it anger? Is it defensiveness in your marriage? Is it honesty? Do you find it important to be honest with yourself or with God or most importantly honest with other people?

What is your dragon? Is it personal integrity, which means living out what you actually believe? Is it compromise? Do you find yourself under pressure so you compromise your values, your faith, or your beliefs? Is it discipline, where you have the goal or destination, but you don’t have the discipline to get to there so it’s creating frustration? Maybe it’s impulse control. Maybe it’s addiction, or something more grievous?

As God’s man, it’s very clear what our destination is. When we get our destination clear, when we own it, a lot of these dragons get slain.

In this series, we are going to look at what God’s destination is for us. We also want to see very clearly the dragon that stands in our way. We are going to look at how to slay the dragon, because in our spiritual lives, God definitely has a destination for you right now. There is definitely a dragon that is standing in the way, and the key is to have a sharp blade and a clear aim to slay that dragon.