It’s a partnership and cooperation. It’s an intimacy where a lot goes unspoken and unsaid just because you know them so well. You can’t do what Jesus would do unless you know Jesus. If you are talking and dialoging with Jesus, and reading the red letter life of Jesus and getting the perspective of Jesus from the word of God, then it becomes intuitive; a rhythm of relationship.

Paul again puts the priority of the destination up there. “I want to know Christ and the power of the resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings.”

Here is where a lot of guys fall short. They want to know Jesus, but they don’t want to know his sufferings. When you have the right hope, your willingness to suffer goes up.

I know that you suffered some financial loss in courting your wife. When you started up a business, I know that in the hope of creating a successful enterprise, you sacrificed something to get there, maybe your own money and effort. That’s what we know, but leave in other zones of our life. If it’s not worth sacrificing for, it’s not worth going for. The value and energy reflect the hope and willingness. Right perspective, right priority, right person, and knowing that person gives you the power that takes you through the pain.

Jesus was very upfront.  He said that knowing Him involves suffering. In fact, you may physically die, but you will definitely be transformed because knowing Him is going to cost you. That is why He said “if anyone comes after me, let him deny himself, pick up his cross and follow me.

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*This article first published 3/18/2013