"The Holy Spirit is orchestrating a global prayer strategy in these very days. It will far eclipse any other prayer movement in Church history. The Holy Spirit is equipping the Church to partner with Jesus' intercessory prayer ministry at the right hand of the Father. The end result is the great harvest of souls being added to the Kingdom of God. The number of people coming to Jesus at the present hour across the nations is unprecedented in history. I believe this will continue to increase numerically and in both power and intensity." - Mike Bickle

Dear intercessors,

What is truly significant about the days we are living in? The Gospel is spreading and more people are passionate about loving Jesus than at any other time in history. Before our very eyes Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled which is hastening the return of the Lord.  

In the last thirty-five years, we have seen Latin America emerge from being a mission field to becoming a mission base. We were there with the ship, M.V. Doulos in the late 70’s and early 80’s, sowing seeds of missionary vision as we preached the Gospel. Other nations like Korean have also become great missionary bases. We were there in 1991 and had the privilege of participating in sowing a vision into Korea for missions. Now they are all over the world! Joining them are other nations like the Philippines, Singapore, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

The Great Commission is no longer a western pursuit; it is owned by the global body of Christ. Prayer is going viral! 

It is not that the Church didn’t pray before; it’s just that the intensity, longevity and quantity of prayer has multiplied. Statistics reveal that prayer movements and Houses of Prayer are springing up in many cities around the world and in some remarkable places. Someone recently commented that France is teaming with newly formed Houses of Prayer. In Gibraltar, a House of Prayer has begun. In Malaga, Spain there is the formation of a House of Prayer. Throughout Spain, once the most spiritually needy country in the world, there are at least four national prayer networks. We know of Germans, Dutch, British, etc... Added to that is the Global Day of Prayer, prayer in prisons, prayer in orphanages, old people, young people, pastors... hearing the invitation to day and night prayer leading to the second coming of the Lord. 

"Jesus is not coming back to a prayerless Church, rather to one enjoying mature bridal partnership with Him in intercession for the great harvest. The church will complete the Great Commission reach-ing to all 255 nations in the power of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 24:14). This strategic plan of the Holy Spirit will reach a crescendo before the Lord returns, as the bowls of intercession will become full in heaven." Mike Bickle

24/7 prayer has taken a high priority in many places. In Kansas City, the International House of Prayer celebrates fourteen years of day and night prayer. The IHOP is web-streamed across the globe and watched by believers under some of the most oppressive governments. The model has spurred others to day and night seeking the Lord in places like Fredricksburg, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; Orlando, Florida; and more. Prayer rooms are being established in churches throughout the world.

Not only are we praying but we are praying in unity. God is uniting a powerful prayer movement worldwide. In a supernatural way, He is connecting all of us. He is realigning ministries and people—He is teaching us to celebrate one another’s victories—He is orchestrating strategic shifts and realign-ments. We have seen all denominations come together to seek the Lord as one—charismatic and non-Charismatic, Gentile and Jew, white and black, young and old.