Third, we have also written our own children's curriculum so that the kids' ministry is following the sermon series along with the Community Group Bible studies and Family Dinner Bible studies.

Mars Hill Church, the church which I pastor, started as a small Bible study in our home in 1996. We had no money, no building, no staff and no band. But, we did have God's Word, about a dozen of God's people, and the gracious gift of God's Spirit. Since then, Jesus has been incredibly generous to us as we have grown to a church of as many as 8,000 people in Seattle, which is among America's least-churched cities. We are seeing many people, especially young people, saved through their encounter with the God of the Bible. The more we are able to connect all that we do from our groups to our kids' ministry, and conduct Bible studies over the dinner table, the more of God's lavish grace we experience, rejoice in, and share, because Jesus is alive and the Bible is true.

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