Joel: That’s exactly right.


Eva Marie: Joel, you mentioned Billy Sunday in a sermon not too long ago. One of his quotes is “Let’s quit fiddling with religion and do something to bring the world to Christ.” I thought that was very appropriate of the church distributed.


Joel: First of all, everything in the distributed church starts with who we believe God is, starts with the attributes of God. Our God is a singular and plural one, that is, we worship a God who is a relationship, who left his home territory to go out in order to be connected with the world, and who extended his presence in a locality.


We need to link to people who are very different than we are, who are not a part of our congregation but are a part of what will make us complete. Different cultures. Different nations.  Different parts of our family in different countries, because that’s the image of Revelation 7:9 and so if we don’t want to wait till heaven to get there, we have to link differences now.