Some years back I was jolted out of my complacency by a good wife, I was inspired by godly men, and I saw that love for Christ is my calling. I determined to be a godly man and pass my love for Him along to my kids and to a couple of younger men. I’m working at it. If the CSI team was looking into my soul today, they would see one perhaps on the smallish side, but one that clearly shows signs of recent growth. What about you? If you’ve been ignoring God’s prompting—snap out of it! Call out to God for help, and go find men who are on the path themselves. However, let’s not be naïve, this is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard work. It’s routinely frustrating, and it will take a long time. However, it’s more important than pursuing great power. It’s more important than amassing great wealth, and it’s even more important than becoming a king.

David Carl is the Creative Director of Insight for Kids, the children’s ministry of Insight for Living and creator of Paws & Tales, heard on over 450 radio outlets worldwide and to a growing online audience through webcasts and podcasts. Launched as a weekly radio drama for kids in 2001 by Insight for Living, Paws & Tales teaches children biblical theology through story, humor, and music.
Doing what is right rarely comes without a cost. Teaching your children the hard lesson of always choosing what is right, no matter the sacrifice, requires a lot of attention and loving patience. The Adventures in Theology Kit introduces your child to essential biblical concepts like this in a powerful and easy way. Visit our Web site at to discover more.