So the support of friends on that journey has meant the world to me, and it really is what I encourage other women to be about. Because in the end? What we consume - where our attention is with what we eat, what we buy, what we wear - is a matter of discipleship. To me that's exciting that there are these very practical ways in which we can live out discipleship with one another. 

For some practical applications from Unsqueezed: Springing Free from Skinny Jeans, Nose Jobs, Highlights and Stilettos, see our article "Use Your Body the Way God Designed It," by Whitney Hopler.

Margot Starbuck is a popular speaker at conferences and retreats and on college campuses. She has an M.Div. from Princeton Seminary and is also the author of The Girl in the Orange Dress.

Publication date: July 16, 2010