I always knew a bottle of port would do that.

If you want a religion to make you feel really comfortable, I certainly donÕt recommend Christianity.

ÑC. S. Lewis, author


As a Christian, IÕm never surprised by vice.

IÕm more surprised by virtue. Because of our inherent,

sinful nature, we are more prone to do the wrong thing

than the right thing. ThatÕs why we need God.

ÑMike Cromartie, radio host


As the saying goes, there is no sinner without

a future, and no saint without a past.

ÑChris Dodd, U.S. senator

God always has my best interest at heart,

and itÕs up to me to follow Him and look for

His direction in my life. If I do that,

everything else will take care of itself.

ÑRobbie Tobeck, Seattle Seahawks


My parents always taught me that

I was fortunate, that God had blessed me to give

me these opportunities, that you shouldnÕt take them

for granted, and that not everybody had them.

ÑCondoleezza Rice, U.S. Secretary of State


God is sovereign, even in things

we donÕt understand.

ÑAuthor unknown


Never tell a young person that anything

cannot be done. God may have been waiting

for that moment to see it happen.

ÑJohn Andrew Holmes, author

When you have nothing left but God,

for the first time, you become

aware that God is enough.

ÑMaude Royden, peace activist


Character takes years to form and a lifetime to prove.

I believe IÕm still developing and proving

the image of the God I serve.

ÑA. C. Green, former NBA player


When you think about JesusÕ life on Earth,

and what He did for us, itÕs the most beautiful thing that ever happened, and there are no strings attached.

ÑMike Holmgren, NFL coach