The last thing we need is a tidal wave of entertainment that presents these very behaviors and warped visions of masculinity as ideals to be admired. As the comments from the young men cited in this article indicate, many of those young males who would not join the rampage nonetheless find in this programming a comforting message of moral relativism. These young men may not--we should be glad to note--engage in these behaviors themselves. Nevertheless, watching admired characters engage in these very same behaviors allows young male viewers room to justify and rationalize their own character flaws, irresponsibility, and worse.

Hollywood, we are often told, is a mirror of America. The rise of this amoral programming, revolving around themes ranging from rampage to relativism, should serve as a dire warning of where this culture is headed. A society whose young men celebrate violence and moral ambiguity is headed towards something even worse.

This article originally appeared on December 12, 2005.


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