Have you seen the new commercials on television, the ones about the power of the words “thank you?”


I’m not really sure what it is they are advertising…but my favorite of the group is the one where a man and woman are sitting in a posh restaurant, dining. She says to him, “Are you ever going to ask me to marry you?”


Well, the man looks absolutely stunned. No, let me take that back. He looks trapped. He finally grins at her and says, “Thank you?”


The lady melts. “Ah, the power of ‘thank you.’”


The Right Time


Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. ~~Ephesians 5:19b-20


We’re about to celebrate a national day of “thanksgiving,” a commemoration of a meal that was shared in the autumn of 1621 between the European settlers who have since been known as Pilgrims and a tribe of Indians, the Wampanoags. We’re about to celebrate a national day of “thanksgiving,” We’re about to celebrate a national day of “thanksgiving,” of turkey and dressing or mashed potatoes as well as a host of vegetables and desserts. School-aged children put on classroom skits or come home wearing Indian or Pilgrim headdress. Football games are played but not before the pomp of Thanksgiving Day parades.


Then, of course, there are the After Thanksgiving Day sales…something I’m particularly thankful for. (And I say that tongue in cheek. I avoid crowds, but I do appreciate good sales.)


We have zeroed in on this one special day to ask, “What are you thankful for?” We answer with all the positives in our lives. I’ve yet to hear anyone respond with, “My car is broken down, I’ve lost my job, my house is about to go into foreclosure, and my dog just died.” Not even once.


However, according to the verse above, we are to give thanks always. Not just when things are going well…but for everything.


The Sacrifice of Thanks


Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to say “thank you,” when you have little to be “thankful” for?  Yet, the Word of God is filled with “orders from headquarters” about being thankful to the Lord. In fact, one of the first scriptures we typically learn as children is 1 Chronicles 16:34: Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.