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Memorial Day: Earn Your Life

Especially these days, when Memorial Day seems nothing more than a time for cookouts and swim parties, we cannot be reminded often enough about how great a debt we owe our war dead.

A Memorial Day Perspective: Letter from a Father's Heart

A Texas pastor and grandfather shares with his family how witnessing a local deployment of National Guardsmen changed him.

Darkness Cannot Overcome the Light!

This doesn't mean that darkness won’t attempt to overcome the light. However, its efforts will be frustrated and unsuccessful because the light of God always prevails.

Consumption or Contribution?

You don't have to set some crazy record to be known. Everyone is known for something in their lives. The question is, what will you be known for?

  • Whitney Von Lake Hopler |
  • May 25, 2010 |
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Lessons from LOST

While most television shows specialize in serving up a great big dish of fluff, it is rare to see a show address the philosophical and spiritual dimensions of life’s biggest questions. What are some lessons that Christians can take away from this pop culture phenomenon?

Oh Lord It's Hard To Be Humble?

Remember Past Blessings

We pray for future events without acknowledging God's help in the past. Our forgetfulness is an indication of our ingratitude toward God, and it can render our prayers ineffective.

Can’t Turn This Worldview Thing Off

A teenager named Chris attended a worldview training program run by Summit Ministries. But by the end of the two-week program, he was exhausted. So he decided to "veg out" by watching a movie...

A Meal Says More than You Think: The Importance of Hospitality

The Bible teaches that acts of hospitality or inhospitality reveal the good or evil of a person or a community. How well do Christians display God's own heart in this area?

Romans: Cornerstone of Christian Living

Why must righteousness be a gift from God? Because all humanity is unrighteous, corrupted by sin and unable to live according to God's perfect standards. So suggests Paul in his "grandest, most comprehensive statement of the gospel," the letter to the Romans.

Truths We Learn from Fiction

Some have speculated that novels have become less popular with the advent of social media. But novels are, in fact, more deeply social than your best Facebook friend ever imagined. In the best fiction, writers reveal themselves. Through characters, dialog, action, and reflection they disclose their philosophies, emotions, and beliefs.

Virtual Friendship

I do not wish to deny that there are some legitimate uses of social networking. However, some negative effects of "virtual friendship" that I have observed are that it trivializes the notion of friendship and it erodes our sense of community.

Why Waiting is Really Trusting

God often gives his people a dream, a desire, a calling... and then puts them through a period of waiting.

Pastor, Prophet, Martyr, Spy: Why Bonhoeffer Still Matters

After Hitler rose to power, the Nazis tried to co-opt the German church, mixing Christian truth with Nazi doctrine. While some church leaders allowed themselves to be drawn in, Bonhoeffer refused.

You, Too, Are an Evangelist

What is the most important command in all of the Bible for an evangelist?

How to Discover Your True Identity

Self-discovery is a freedom that only leads to frustration in the end. The only way to discover who you really are is to seek a relationship with the God who made you. It's about getting in touch with The Vertical Self.

What Should We Pray For?

Here is a list gathered from the New Testament.

Choosing a Bible Translation

Before the year 1881, you had three choices for an English Bible translation: the KJV, the KJV, or the KJV. Obviously, this is no longer the case. How did the King James Version get dethroned? Which translation is best today? Are any of the modern translations faithful to the original?

The Christian Atheist

The Christian Atheist, by recovering Christian Atheist Craig Groeschel, is an honest, hard-hitting and eye-opening look into the ways people believe in God but live as if he doesn't exist. Groeschel's own journey will immerse you and challenge you into a deeper, Christ-filled life. Read an excerpt.

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