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How to Break the Religious Rules Without Breaking Yourself

Ask yourself honestly if your allegiance is to moralism - simply good moral habits and churchy routines - or if it's directly to God.

I Choose Forgiveness

Think of the crowd of people on the broad road through life, carrying their sin with them--all of God's wrath for all the selfish, prideful things; all the good left undone; and all of the indifference to God. What a blessing to know the forgiveness of sins in God!

  • Dr. James MacDonald |
  • April 06, 2010 |
  • comments
Realities of the Resurrected: A Post-Easter Reflection

I've watched several Easters and Good Fridays play out around me. Engagements and babies followed or preceded by cancer, infidelity, or financial hardship. Most of life is like this. How do we deal with this reality?

Easter and My Struggle with the Brutality of God's Plan

Don't get me wrong; I want as much mercy as I can get. But what does the traditional Easter narrative force us to conclude about the nature of God?

Would Jesus Buy This Billboard?

Silence Isn't Always Golden

The absence of words can do just as much damage as speaking harmful ones. Just think of times you've been misjudged or the victim of behind-the-back gossip.

  • Rebecca Barlow Jordan |
  • March 31, 2010 |
  • comments
How to Inherit the Earth

If you learn how to submit yourself to God and others, you'll help to change the world for the better.

Is the Bible Your Authority?

You will never have the power to live a full and fruitful godly life until you choose God's Word as your final authority.

Coins for the Kingdom: The Mystery of the Cross

From the beginning, Christ's followers celebrated the cross as a symbol of their faith. It was honored in church worship, carved into rough tombstones, pressed onto loaves of bread and set out as a sign of sanctuary. The cross represented what Christians believed, who they hoped for and how they approached life. Here, author Judith Couchman explores early images of the cross, what they meant to the early church, and what they tell about the meaning of the Savior’s sacrifice.

Abraham: The Footprint of an Obedient Faith

When was the last time you heard about a 75-year-old man packing up his family and moving away somewhere totally non-specific?

Experiencing the Passion and Power of Easter

Read reformer Martin Luther's compelling meditation on the question of who really killed Christ.

What Evangelicals Can Learn From St. Patrick

And it has nothing to do with leprechauns.

When It's Time for Plan B

When your plans fall apart, it doesn't necessarily mean God wasn't in them. It may just be time to consider Plan B.

St. Patrick: Why His Message Still Matters

Weak though he was, Patrick's success lay in his recognition of the Gospel's power to transform, transfigure and uplift, and this is as true for us in the 21st century as it was for him in the fifth.

  • Brother Colmán Ó Clabaigh, OSB |
  • March 15, 2010 |
  • comments
Good Days and Bad Days

What constitutes "a good day"? One in which we don't worry, regardless of circumstances? One where we do God's will? Avoid temptations? Is a good life just a succession of good days? Dick Staub explores.

Finding Time for God

My children have some internal alarm that goes off as soon as I open my Bible, so I often conclude my devotional time feeling frustration and guilt, resolving to try harder next time. How's a busy person supposed to spend time with God?

How Does the Death of Jesus Save Me?

"Jesus died for my sins." What does that mean exactly? How could the death of Jesus help me get to heaven? What does the death of Christ save me from?

How to Live on the Spiritual Edge

If you are spiritually stuck not growing closer to God, it's time to gravitate over to the edge of what's comfortable.

The Most Spectacular Sin Ever Committed

Was it the driving of the nails? The thrusting of the spear? The mockery of Herod? The weaving of the thorns and pushing them down on his head with glee? Peter's denial? Or Judas, who kissed him for 30 pieces of silver?

Was Christianity Influenced by Mystery Religions?

Those determined to demolish the Biblical Jesus in the court of public opinion often state that His death, burial, and resurrection are myths borrowed from ancient pagan mystery religions. What's the truth?

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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