Through tears, I shared the Good News of the only One who will never leave her.


I suppose I’ll never know (until I leave this place to go Home), if the words given from my heart to this child’s sank into her soul.  


It is our sacred honor, yours and mine, to love His precious children. To share the Good News of Christ’s love. It is our sacred duty to show our children how to love their brothers and sisters in God’s family.


A Personal Mission


Through Project: To My Friend, an initiative of Manners of the Heart Community Fund, children can send notes of encouragement along with a few school supplies and toiletries to the children of the storm. It’s a way of letting the distressed children know that another child cares about them. We’re asking the givers to include a self-addressed stamped envelope so the displaced children can respond. As the children are preparing for the school day, each can prayer for the other, connecting through Christ’s love. 


The “friend sacks” are being hand delivered by school children, volunteers, and Wise Old Wilbur, the friendly mascot of Manners of the Heart. Defining manners as an attitude of the heart that’s self-giving, not self-serving, this special project puts the principles of Manners of the Heart into action.


During a visit last week, comments from the children touched our hearts: 


"I love books about Jesus. He's my hero."

“Hey, I got a friend I don’t even know, yet. Cool…”

“When I wake up tomorrow, I’ll pray for her, too.”(After a volunteer read a card from her new friend.)

“I’ve heard about Jesus, but I’ve never seen a book about him.”   

"Can Wilbur spend the night with us?"

"One more story, pleaaaaaase? One more song, pleaaaaaase?"


The last stanza of that beloved old hymn should be our decree;


And Your cross I’ll always bear,

And for You I’ll do and dare,

For You love the little children of the world.

He’s whispering. 

Are we listening?

Jill Rigby, an accomplished author, speaker, singer and columnist, reaches into hearts – whether 10 years old in the classroom or 50 years old in the boardroom -- to teach God’s principles of respectfulness. As CEO of Manners of the Heart Community Fund, a 501(c) 3 non-profit, Rigby oversees “Project: To My Friend,” an opportunity for children to help children of the storm. Visit the website to find out how you and your children can be involved: