It also turned out to be good that the climb was so difficult. It helped remind her how much tougher the orphans have it.


"If it had not been so hard a mountain, that might not have struck me so much," she said.


Hawk expressed a similar sentiment. The recreational wind surfer took on the challenge of raising sail for a 17-mile journey up the Columbia River as part of the annual Gorge Games that take place along the Cascade Mountains.


The trek typically takes three hours, but lack of wind kept Hawk on the water for five.


"My hands took two weeks to heal up," he said. "I had blisters that totally cracked open and it cracked the skin pretty deep."


Hawk, like Overton, found that participating in PHIM helped him deal with the difficulty of the river event.


"I had some people donating on a per-mile basis, and that's what got me to finish the race," he said. "I'm not sure if I would have stuck it out otherwise. It made me really want to finish it."


Hawk, 34, raised nearly $1,500 from 37 donors for PHIM. But it wasn't easy. The wind died at the start of the race, an ominous sign of things to come.


"That's when I thought, 'Oh, man, this is going to be a struggle,'" he said.

And not just for Hawk. Of the 114 who began the race, 77 finished. Hawk was No. 77, but his story may be the most inspiring of all. Several times, the chase boat threatened to pull him from the water, but Hawk was too deep in prayer to notice. He also forgot to bring water, so he was dehydrated and hungry when he finally crossed the finish line.


"It was definitely an experience where you rely on God the whole way," he said. "It was a growing experience."


Suffering for a cause such as helping AIDS orphans gave Hawk a new perspective on recreation.


"There are people out there doing these Iron Man triathlons. They train so hard and so long, but it's all for them instead of for God's glory," he said. "This was a way to make it more meaningful."


Overton echoed those comments.


"In the process of Putting Hope in Motion through World Vision's program, God let me live out His design for me," she said. "As I did, it gave Him glory, brought me close to His side, and - I pray - will bless many others as well."


For more information, visit the  Put Hope in Motion website.