Would they think of us as “kind people who really care about me” or as angry, hate-filled men and women who will only make them feel more ashamed of where they have been? Let’s make sure that as we stand for truth, we do it in a way that honors Christ.

How should we as Christians react to the current issues surrounding homosexual marriage? The current cultural battle to redefine marriage is a topic we as Christians…as parents…as grandparents, must be prepared to deal with right now. FamilyLife has information and resources for you and your family. Visit the  Family Life website.


The roots of FamilyLife go back as far as 1951, with the beginning of Campus Crusade for Christ. Its founders, Bill and Vonette Bright, had a great desire to help fulfill Christ's Great Commission—taking the gospel to every nation. Starting on one college campus with one couple, Campus Crusade has grown into a multifaceted ministry with tens of thousands of full-time and associate staff serving in more than 150 countries.