As the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, along with his wife, Vonette, Dr. Bright established one of the most successful evangelistic movements in the world - resulting in more than 4 billions exposures to the Gospel of Jesus Christ since 1951.

Dr. Bright's legacy is not in his many accomplishments, rather it is how God can use any person to help fulfill the Great Commission.

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Clare_Host says, Hello everyone and welcome to the crosswalk chat auditoriums! Tonight we have a great guest with us Dr Bill Bright! Moderating our event to night we have the jet setting NewsEditor, looking glamorous as always. Also helping onstage we have spikehost, applehost and daisyhost (looking a bit like the Andrews Sisters). In the wings we also have our beloved (?) fritzpw_admin. Lending a hand in the auditorium this evening we have yshuashost, stormyhost and yadah_host o/.

madchatter asks, Dr. Bright, what is the most memorable moment you have ever had in sharing the Gospel with someone?
Dr.Bright says, There have been so many thousands... I remember as a young believer I felt impressed to call on a man who was a CEO of one of the great fortune 500 companies. As presumptuous as it sounded he was very responsive and agreed to see me. I asked for 15 minutes of his personal time and when I was ushered into his big beautiful office there was nothing on his desk... He was seated there waiting for me. He asked "What can I do for you?" I said, "Sir, I've come to talk to you about your relationship with Jesus Christ." On the surface one would expect for him to call for a bodyguard and escort me out. He instead began to cry. Then he stopped and told me that at the age of 8 he had become a believer. He had become so ambitious, however, that he did not have time for God. Even though he had become one of the leading businessmen in the world he had not been to church in 30 years. He said, "God sent you. He sent you to help me. I'll be in church Sunday." I find that in many cases I was walking down the street of a distance state. Someone told me to visit their senator in Washington D.C. And to lead him to Christ. Well one day I was walking down the hall of the senate building and found his office. I asked the receptionist if he had a few moments to talk to me. We were able to chat for a few minutes and I asked him if he knew Jesus as His personal savior. I asked him if he would like to know him and he said yes. So we prayed together. Remember he is the member of one the most powerful clubs in the world, yet that day he was like a little child. I often find maids in hotels and people who carry my luggage to my room are ready to receive Christ. For 50 years I've seen a great hunger for God on the College campus.
yadah_host asks, Dr. Bright, how is Campus Crusade for changed to meet the needs of the GenXers?
Dr.Bright says, We've always tried to be culturally sensitive. When we began the ministry in UCLA in 1951 there were very few professing Christians on the campus. So we tried to eliminate any Christianese or Religious jargon that would make us sound like foreigners. We wanted to present the Gospel in language they would understand. We've continued to do that over the last 50 years in different countries, cultures, and generations. We are always testing to improve what we are doing so that we are sure we are ministering to people where they live whatever the age group.
doc_callaway asks, Dr Bright, I haven't heard a report about your health in a while. How are you doing?
Dr.Bright says, I'm doing very well. I have fibrosis of the lungs (which is fatal), I have diabetes, cancer, and other similar ailments. But I'm rejoicing in the Lord. They expected me to be dead over a year ago but God said a Russian doctor knew of a treatment that is used extensively in Europe called essential oils therapy. He would have a way to heal my lungs. Not healing in a full sense but arresting the fibrosis. I feel very good even though I should have been dead over a year ago. All I can say is that I am thankful for all the people that have been praying for me. The last 2 years of my 80 years have been my most productive yet because I've been involved in writing several books and putting them on blue screen technology or DVD interactive and training millions of people on video internet world wide.
spikehost asks, Will the Jesus film be issued as a DVD?
Dr.Bright says, I'm not sure of that but we are beginning as of today a mass marketing plan to promote the children's version of the Jesus film which is very powerful. It will be more effective than the original.
Clare_Host says, How is the children’s version different?
Dr.Bright says, It's shorter and it has a half dozen young people in period dress asking questions. They lead those watching the film in an invitation to accept Jesus Christ. This will also help to reach their family members watching the video with them.
yadah_host asks, Dr Bright, regarding the Jesus film, how many languages has it been translated into. How many countries has it been shown in?
Dr.Bright says, You'll be interested to know that almost 5 billion people have watched the film in over 700 languages and in over 234 countries and provinces.

Chatmaster shouts, Order Dr. Bright's latest book, "First Love". Take advantage of this special offer for the month of April."

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