Q: Each of these character studies could be called an epitaph for each person. What would you want on your epitaph, Max?
The most compelling Epitaph that I have ever seen I found in a south Texas cemetery. There was no date of birth, no date of death. Just the name, Grace Louellen Smith and these words: “Sleeps, but rests not. Loved, but was loved not. Died as she lived, alone.” I’ve often wondered--did she write those words or just live them? Was that her idea? Someone else’s? And reading her epitaph makes us think of the epitaph that we would want in our own lives to summarize our lives. I think the book Cast of Characters gives us a glimpse of the different epitaphs that would be used to describe some of the characters, but the ultimate question would be what epitaph would be used to describe our lives? I know the one I would like to describe mine: “Life is short and then its past and only what’s done for Christ will last.”

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