Jesus taught us how the prayer relationship works – do it not to gain attention, without “vain repetitions,” and without having to tell God of needs which He already knows (Matthew 6:5-15). Instead, praise God, seek His will, thank Him for meeting your daily needs, ask His forgiveness and for His strength in forgiving others, and request His help in avoiding evil and temptation. When you say, “Amen,” you’re agreeing with God; saying, “So be it!” and standing in faith.


Knowing all this, go boldly before the throne of grace (Hebrews 4:16 is the theme of this year's National Day of Prayer), go often, and honor the fact that you can. And don’t forget the “listening” part, which some call meditation – let God talk, too.


Faith strengthens prayer, and prayer strengthens faith. It isn’t even so much that your perceived needs get met as it is that you get to know and be known by your Creator. So even as you lift up our government, media, educational system, churches, and families, remember that it's being continually mindful of our many blessings that tends to bring about effectual, heartfelt, answered prayers.


How do I know? I’m no prayer warrior, but even my simple faith and communion with God has seen such improbable results as: a cat cured of incurable feline leukemia, a father who took 17 years to come to the Lord praying with me, a healing from depression, and, most recently, a blessed new job situation in web-based ministry.


I’m in the mood to celebrate. Anyone up for a prayer party? Cinco de Mayo, then?

Visit www.nationaldayofprayer.orgfor more information and a list of events in your area.