Did you know Christmas is about choices?

No, I don't mean "What will I get Uncle Henry and Aunt Martha?" kind of choices.
Or, even the "How much do we spend on the kids?" kind of choices. Not the "Did I wear this dress at last year's Christmas party?" or the "Group Gifting vs. Personal Gifting" kinds of choices, either.

I'm talking about the choices that led to the event we celebrate during the Christmas season.

Once Upon a Time in a Far Away Land...

Once upon a time in a far, far, really far away land God decided to create something. Why He chose when He chose to do this miraculous thing, we don't know. Maybe He was all caught up on His reading.... Or, maybe the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were sitting around chatting and one of them said, "What do you think about building a world."

And so, God chose to create the world...and in that world, God chose to create a man. In time, God chose to create a woman from the man (apparently the man was looking a little lost and lonely there and God thought, "I'll create a being who can find her way around any mall...and will be sure to be entertaining, too!).

God created man and woman...and placed them in a beautiful garden home He'd prepared just for them. All He required of them was to keep their little paws off one measly little tree: the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Suddenly a slippery, slimy ole snake crawled into the scene and tempted the woman.
"Did God really say you can't eat of any tree in the Garden?" he asked her.*

Eve replied, "Oh, no...we can eat from any tree...just not that tree. If we eat of it, we will die."

The snake said, "Pfffft. You won't die, silly woman. In fact, I have the inside skinny that if you do eat of it, you'll be more like God than before."

Now, the woman had a choice. And she chose to listen to the stinky snake and to disobey God.

The Scriptures say in Genesis 3:6 that Adam was with her, so apparently he chose not to try to stop this travesty. Eve ate and then gave some of the fruit of the tree to her husband and he chose to disobey God as well.

Just Wait Until Your Father Comes Home!

Do you remember your mother saying those words? And you were thinking, "Can't we
just keep this between us?"

Do you wonder if Adam and Eve thought the same? "Okay," Adam might have said to
his wife. "I see that you're naked there...and you see that I'm naked here...do you think God will notice that we've noticed?"

God noticed. In the cool of the day, He came down (Oh, the suffering our first parents must have endured!) and pronounced a curse on all three of the story's culprits.

But, in the middle of the discipline, God chose to bless the man and woman as well...by preparing a way by which all mankind could find restoration with Himself.

To the serpent He said, "I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between
your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel."

This was the first prophecy of the coming Messiah.

Fast-Forward the Story