He surrendered to God with a warning: If he was going to live for Christ, he was going to give it his all – to the extreme, like he did everything else.

In the book, he pokes fun at himself for having the gall to challenge God and shares God’s humbling response.

Through a series of unexpected encounters, Baldwin found himself creating Livin’ It, a skateboarding and extreme sports ministry to reach young people with the Gospel.

He considers his new book a vehicle to reach youth and adults.

“There are so many people that, somewhere in their heads, they’re eager to have an experience with the Lord, but in their hearts, they’re not committed to doing what it takes,” he said.

“Some people are telling me, ‘Don’t force your spiritual opinions on me,’ and I’m praying for those folks,” Baldwin said.  “It’s important for me to communicate with people what I believe God wants me to say.

“I believe all the success I’ve had and the platform God has given me in Hollywood has been created by Him so it could be used at this time for the work he has for me now.”

Stacy Hawkins Adams is the author of the Christian fiction novels Nothing but the Right Thing and Speak To My Heart. She is also a freelance writer and inspirational columnist. Stacy often speaks to audiences about the blessings that come with authentically living one's faith. She and her husband, Donald, have two children.