The enemy knows that on the other side of dealing with the past in the healing power of Christ Jesus, your deliverer will set you into a place of effectiveness, ministry and anointing. The enemy has everything to lose if you get healed. He will do whatever it takes to prevent you from claiming your right to power, love and a sound mind in Christ. 

Life can be like a rollercoaster. You wake up every morning and you don’t know what will happen that day, but God does. He is your constant source of stability. His Word is your solid foundation. One of the first places you can begin is the declaration of this truth: “My God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind! I have the right to think with the mind of Christ!”

This Week
Recognize and reclaim your right, in Christ, to the powerful love and sound mind God has given you.

“Lord, I thank you in Jesus’ miraculous, powerful and delivering name that you do not give me a spirit of fear. You have, by way of the Holy Spirit of Your own person, given me the power to endure anything. Enable me to show your greatness, love and sound mind. Amen.”  

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Original publication date: June 15, 2009