Editor's Note: "Creed" is an ongoing article series that discusses the core beliefs of Christianity as expressed in the Apostle's and Nicene creeds. Links to other installments are listed at the end of this article.

His name was Steve. He was cute in a “hippie” sort of way. Long, dirty-blond hair, blue eyes, sharp features. Quick to laugh, easy to talk to. Girls went crazy over him.


For some reason he was crazy about me. I wasn’t overly interested at first, but within a few days—with a series of phone calls and a floral delivery—I succumbed to his insistence that I go out with him.


We dated for a while. Not a long time. Just a few weeks or so, but we talked every day on the phone and I always managed to swing by his work on my way home from mine, if only to say hello and have a Coke. Somewhere along the way he told me I’d made an enemy.


“I have?” I couldn’t imagine who would not like me!


“My old girlfriend. Ann. She’s upset because we’re dating,” he told me.


I rolled my eyes. That was just plain silly, I thought. But, within a week or so I learned the truth about the situation. She wasn’t his old girlfriend. She was his current fiancée. I broke up with Steve and went on my merry way.


One afternoon as I was driving home from work, I became aware of a car following mine. A quick glance in the rear view mirror revealed two young women, both with a look of determination. I didn’t like what I saw, so I sped up.


They did the same.


When I slid into my parking space at the apartment complex I called home, I scooted out of my car as quickly as possible. “Hey!” one of the girls called out to me. “You! You were with my man this afternoon and I’m here to beat you up!”


I whirled around. One thing I knew for sure, I’d not been with anyone’s man that afternoon. I’d been at work all day. “Who me?” I asked, keeping my distance. (My mama didn’t raise no fool!) “And just who was that?”


“Steve,” she hollered back.


“Steve? I haven’t seen Steve for weeks.” I squinted. “Are you Ann?”


“You know who I am,” she said.


I shook my head and laughed a bit. “Uh…no. Not really. But I can tell you, I was at work all day.” I took a step or two toward the car and watched her visibly relax. We continued to talk, with me finally saying to her, “Look, I don’t want a man who will be engaged to one girl while dating another. If he was dating me while he was engaged to you, what makes you think he’s not now dating someone else? The man knows nothing about loyalty and I’ve got better things to do with my life than deal with an unfaithful man.”