Alisa Brezac, born in 1984, had waited years to find the help she needed for surgery on her heart. Diagnosed early in life, she was scheduled to have the needed surgery in Belgrade, but then war broke out and the door was closed to Alisa. With the help of the Samaritan's Purse Children's Heart Project, Alisa was brought to Tulsa, Okla. in May 2002 to have surgery at Southcrest Hospital. Alisa was the Projects final patient in Bosnia. After aiding 82 Bosnian children, Samaritan's Purse is focusing on other areas of the world where the need is even more desperate.


"No component of the project works without the parts whether here, or the host church, or the office in Kosovo, or the doctor at Mayo," says Rich.


"These children are coming from absolutely nothing," she adds. "And for parents to come to America and put their trust in a complete stranger with the life of their child, that's got to be the Lord working. The amount of trust they place in us to care for their child, and do whatever it takes to help them get better, makes a huge impact on what we do."


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