We at Crosswalk.com would like to thank you, our readers, for valuing what we hope is encouraging, challenging, helpful content as you seek to walk closer with Christ. Below are the articles related to issues of faith, ministry, and Christian living that you clicked on the most in 2010... which also gives us great ideas for the kinds of things we'll be publishing in 2011 and beyond. We wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year...

When Life Seems Out of Control
by Cindi McMenamin
Why is the longing for control so very powerful in a woman's life? I believe the answer lies in how we were made… or rather, what we've made of ourselves.

Five Areas of a Woman's Life That Need God's Touch
by Cindi McMenamin
After surveying nearly 100 women, I found several common areas in which women, myself included, need the touch of God to be whole and complete. Scripture addresses these areas of a woman's life so that we can receive His healing touch...

Halloween: Oppression or Opportunity
by Hank Hanegraaff
Should Christians participate in Halloween? Should we simply ignore it? Vigorously attack it? Or should we, as Christians, find ways in which to accommodate it?

What Can You Do When God Won't Heal You?
by Whitney Hopler
You believe that God can heal you... but what if no healing comes your way? Does that mean you don't have enough faith? Here's how to find A Place of Healing no matter what.

Who Took Verse 4 Out of My Bible?
by Michael S. Heiser
Most of us have read John 5:1-9, the story of the blind, paralyzed man at the pool of Bethesda, many times, but I'll bet there's something that escaped your attention.

Youth Group Names
by Jennifer Bradbury
How these church youth groups created their names -- and great ideas to name yours.

He (Is) - Video
Ignitor Ministries
God is so many things to so many people. Who is He to you? A unique and edgy look into the person and characteristics of God.

Tiger's Tale and the Truth about Sexual Addiction
by Meg Wilson
Eyes often roll at the term "sexual addiction." For some, this misunderstood concept feels like an excuse for poor behavior. Author Meg Wilson, who once walked a path similar to Elin's, clears up common misconceptions.