How to Grow with God
by Whitney Hopler
Don't be someone who believes in Jesus, yet isn't staying close enough to Him to grow. Root yourself in good spiritual soil so you can grow to become the person God intends you to be. Here's how.

Is God Mad at Haiti?
by David Burchett
I am blessed by the incredible response by churches and Christian ministries across America to the suffering souls in Haiti. But sadly a big part of the media coverage is focusing on some remarks by a television commentator.

God, the Gospel, and Glenn Beck
by Russell Moore
The news media pronounced Glenn Beck the new leader of America's Christian conservative movement, and a flock of America's Christian conservatives have no problem with that. Ten years ago, I would have thought it was from the pages of an apocalyptic novel about the end-times. But it's not. And it's a scandal.

10 Things About the Christmas Story You May Have Missed
by Joe McKeever
It is a great privilege to tell the Christmas story. Allow me to elaborate on that fact and nine other aspects of this wonderful story you might have missed...

Sexual Temptation: Women Fall For It, Too
by Sharon Jaynes
Can I talk girlfriend to girlfriend for just a moment? It's about a very uncomfortable subject, and honestly, one most of us would rather pretend does not exist in "Christian circles." It's sexual sin.

The Most Spectacular Sin Ever Committed
by John Piper
Was it the driving of the nails? The thrusting of the spear? The mockery of Herod? The weaving of the thorns and pushing them down on his head with glee? Peter's denial? Or Judas, who kissed him for 30 pieces of silver?

The Christian Bucket List: 50 Things Every Believer Should Do before Heaven
by Joe McKeever
Let's try to do the right thing here and come up with some positive, non-alcoholic deeds which every disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ should do before departing this earthly sod.

John Denver's Opportunity Lost?
by Bill Fay
Finally, I said, "John, when did you make up your mind Jesus Christ would never become your Lord and your Savior?" He could remember the date, the time and the place...