Loren managed to survive that day to continue working on Omaha Beach for the next six weeks.  Relaying messages, carrying the wounded, and delivering supplies turned into a moment-by-moment struggle for life.


“The rancid smell of the dead is something I will never forget.”  Loren urged all that would listen, “Stay close to the Lord in prayer and thank Him for every day.  He wants us to rest our souls in Him. He is a great God!”


Certainly, God provided a great deliverance on that great and terrible day.


This is the recollection of one veteran, now 92 years old, of June 6, 1944. World War II veterans are now dying at the rate of approximately one thousand per day. Just before this story went to print, Loren went home to be with the Lord. Shortly before he died, Loren said, I’m ready for my robe of righteousness.” Another saint has run his race and received his “Well done, thou good and faithful servant!”


Reprinted from
Taking the High Ground by Colonel Jeff O'Leary, © 2001by Victor Books, an imprint of Cook Communications, Colorado Springs, CO. All rights reserved. Visit Cook here.