1. Flee to God for hope as my troubles threaten to drown me.
2. Cry out to God for help before I give in to temptations.
3. Trust God's Word over my fears before I get paralyzed by them.
4. Seek the Lord about my hurts before I get bitter.
5. Keep reminding myself of God's faithfulness for all of my life to this moment.
6. Seek God's plan for my life each day.
7. Use my mouth so often for praise, no room will be left to complain.
8. Trust in the Lord's ability to rescue me more than EMS, the doctors, or calling 911.
9. Never give up even when all alone, forgotten by most and out of circulation for the rest of my days.
10. Never stop looking for people to share a testimony of God's goodness in my life.
11. Humbly depend on the Lord.
12. Seek out younger people and pass on to them my testimony of God's goodness and great faithfulness.
13. Never stop pursuing God in a deepening experience of knowing Him daily.
14. Welcome pain and suffering as God's perfect tools for shaping my life.
15. Forsake the stereotypes the uselessness of 'old timers'.
16. Let God invade my whole day, not just the start or finish, but all of it!

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