I'm considering a move.


Seriously, this being a Christian website, I know I'm supposed to remind you that God looks on the inward beauty, not the outward form. We women are encouraged to cultivate the quiet beauty that comes from a life of purity and devotion to God.


I agree wholeheartedly to all those things, but at the same time I (and you) live in the real world: Show me a single flesh-and-blood woman who doesn't long to be beautiful and I'll show you a world that grades on a curve (hint: it doesn't). Whether we admit it or not, God placed inside us a desire to be desirable. It's right there in Genesis: "...and thy desire shall be to thy husband...." (3:16). That ancient longing-to be noticed and adored by a man.


I'm thankful for celebrities and other role models who are working to change pop-culture standards of beauty to a more reasonable status. I'm grateful to the sisterhood of women who love and accept one another despite our myriad foibles and failings. And I am grateful to God for shining the beauty and light of Christ in hearts that confess Him.


I've grown philosophical about this whole invisibility thing. People change, times change, and standards change.


"Who knows," I tell my sister. "Someday we may be the high-water mark of beauty."


She smiles back at me. "If we lived during the Renaissance, we'd be hotties!"


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