“We consider Dorcas the mother of our church,” he said.


In the spirit of helping the poor, they remember Dorcas at Christmas by collecting good used clothing, washing and repairing them, and distributing them to the needy. It is a matter of the poor helping the poorer.


Although Israel boasts of a rising middleclass and a good standard of living, there are still those who need help for one reason or another. One doesn’t have to go far to see who the needy are. On the street corner amid traffic stood an elderly skinny Anglo, cup-in-hand, gravely asking for help. Many of the needy are elderly who also came to Israel during the Russian immigration and don’t speak Hebrew. They are finding it hard to make a living in a young country where charities are few.


But at Christmas this year, when the cold winter rains blow in off the sea, the church in Jaffa led by the spirit of Dorcas will still be being built one stitch at a time. And like the faithful woman who lived so long ago, they will do what they can to clothe the naked as if they were clothing the Christ Child Himself.

Rebekah Montgomery is the editor of Right to the Heart of Women e-zine, a publisher at Jubilant Press, and the author of numerous books on spiritual growth. She can be contacted for comments or speaking engagements at  rebekahmontgomery.com