And it’s also about play; it’s about fun, it’s about light about being fully alive and awake.  When you come on Sunday morning we laugh a lot and I think people think we’re sacrilegious, you know God created us to enjoy and to laugh and so if you’d come yesterday you would’ve seen about a 10 minute dance piece, entirely original in its composition that took you through the whole book of The Barbarian Way the dance.  They were absolutely extraordinary.  Two short films created in our congregation, one comedic, one very serious to express the journey of what it means to be a barbarian.  We had a guy that came to faith in Jesus Christ in our congregation, I talked to him in a restaurant and now right there in the restaurant I do declare Jesus as Lord and God.  He wrote an original piece and sang it yesterday and there’s people painting on the sides and they express what it means to walk in this barbarian way.  And so when you come in you have this multi-textured, it’s an immersion into spiritual creativity and I think that’s a part of the beauty of the barbarian way, that every person is called out to find their God-given uniqueness and to discover that path that God calls them and have the courage to live it.


Erwin Raphael McManus is Cultural Architect and Lead Pastor of Mosaic in Los Angeles, California. Known around the world for its spiritual creativity and cosmopolitan diversity, Mosaic is a community of followers of Jesus Christ committed to live by faith, to be known by love, and to be a voice of hope. Erwin is also the catalyst behind Awaken, a collaboration of entrepreneurs committed to creating environments that expand imagination and unleash creativity. Erwin currently serves as Distinguished Professor and Futurist at Bethel Seminary and is a contributing editor for Leadership Journal. Visit his website at