Come Aboard

This Bipolar Express is indeed like a runaway train. Often, it is little more than a far-away whistle, a faint rumbling through the wooded night. But sometimes the brakes fail, and the black machine lunges forward, out of control. It is then we learn we cannot face this thing alone. We need help.

For those who have a family member of friend suffering from depression and associated diseases, there are a number of resources available where we can connect with caring people who understand. My website is one. And here are some others:
, and  These are but a few of the places where you can find help regarding diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment.

I encourage you to reach out. The ride can be scary. But there is always hope in Jesus...there is always healing for the broken spirit. Jesus never tells us that the journey will be without suffering. But He promises that, should we but dare to fall into His arms, we need never again travel alone.

Come aboard. Together, we're heading Home.
Jim Robinson is a successful songwriter, musician, speaker, author, and recovery counselor. A graduate of Christ Center School of Counseling and Addiction Studies, Robinson is founder of ProdigalSong, a Christian ministry utilizing music, speaking, counseling and teaching to convey healing for the broken spirit. For information about his ministry, music, or his book, also called Prodigal Song, visit or contact Jim via e-mail: