Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Fern C. Willner's new book, When Faith is Enough: A Safari of Destiny that Reveals Principles to Live By, (Believe Books, 2006). 

You’re bound to confront unexpected challenges that strike you with the fear of the unknown. It’s at times like these that you’ll have to choose whether or not to follow where God leads you – even when you don’t understand what’s happening. But no challenge is insurmountable. Faith is truly enough to overcome even the toughest challenge.

Here’s how you can use the faith God gives you to overcome any challenge you’ll ever face:

* Live by the Spirit. Don’t rely on your own limited strength. Instead, plug into God’s unlimited strength by asking the Holy Spirit to guide and empower you. Trust that He will help you obey God’s leading in all situations.

* Believe even when you don’t see answers to your prayers. Remember that God is always at work, but sometimes He’s working behind the scenes until the right time to reveal His answers to your prayers. Believe in who Jesus really is and in what He has done for you. Recall God’s promises from Scripture. Ask God to give you the confidence to continue to listen to God’s guidance and act on it.

* Be courageous. Understand that faith in the known is greater than fear of the unknown. Pray for the courage you need to follow uncharted paths. Expect that there may be a time of testing between the time you act in obedience and the time you receive what God has promised.

* Be patient. Know that your faith must sometimes be tried to produce patience in you and help you mature. Don’t lose your vision simply for a lack of patience. Trust God as you wait. Remember that God is never late.

* Build unity with other believers. Recognize that faith is effective when there is unity. Understand that agreement on Earth releases provision from heaven. Do your best to work with others to find a place together in God’s will, so that God’s will supercedes your individual wills. Then agree to do God’s will together.

* Realize that true faith originates from God – not just good intentions. Don’t take claims based simply in good-intentioned emotion seriously. Know that when sincere or zealous statements of faith have no divine origin, they don’t bear witness to the truth, and they don’t bring real comfort. Understand that it’s much better to face reality – no matter how hard that may be – and speak the truth in love than to speak without God’s leading and just tell someone what he or she wants to hear.

* Don’t worry about provision. Be assured that God will not only meet your needs, but He’ll do so abundantly. Pray specifically about whatever practical needs you have, and trust God to respond.

* Don’t substitute sacrifice for obedience. Realize that your greatest sacrifice to God is not enough to justify disobedience.

* Stay focused. Expect your faith to waver if you allow other concerns to distract you from God’s guidance. Focus on your God-given goals instead of the past, and on God’s promises rather than your circumstances. Invite God to remind you of how much He loves you, and let that motivate you to stay steadfastly focused on what He wants for you.

* Let fear jumpstart your faith. Whenever you experience something that troubles you, realize that God may intend that experience to be a roadblock to help you change direction in your life. Turn to God with all your heart when He’s trying to get your attention, and ask Him to direct your steps.