* Remember that faith is the substance and evidence of the unseen. Know that faith points to the One who gives it: God. Remembering that your faith is a gift from God, decide to use it to serve God as your gift back to Him. Make good use of the faith God has invested in you, and trust that as you apply this intangible resource, you’ll see tangible blessings as a result.

* Realize that God can multiply a single act of faithful giving. Expect that, when you lovingly give even a small gift to help someone in need, God will use it in ways that go beyond what you can imagine. Be willing to let your possessions go when God asks for them, knowing that the little gifts you give may become great.

* Let the knowledge that God truly sees and cares about you strengthen your faith. Realize that, through your relationship with God, you are truly known and truly loved. Let His deep personal love for you increase your hope for the future and bolster your faith.

* Be active, not passive. Don’t squander your time and energy on activities that don’t relate to God’s purposes for your life. Don’t be idle and then pity yourself when others receive opportunities you would like. Ask God to give you the self-discipline you need to grow in your faith and serve diligently.

* Link your faith together with other believers’ faith. Build meaningful relationships with other believers. Participate in and contribute to a healthy church. Know that when believers are linked together in active faith, they form a chain of deliverance. Be obedient enough to give to others in need, and humble enough to receive from others for your own needs.

* Remember that faith is founded on, and maintained by, an intimate relationship with God. Recognize that faith isn’t measured by anything else but the quality of your relationship with God. Make building a close relationship with God your top priority in life, and know that God will respond by giving you more and more faith.

Adapted from When Faith is Enough: A Safari of Destiny that Reveals Principles to Live By, copyright 2006 by Fern C. Willner. Published by Believe Books, Washington, D.C., www.believebooks.com.   
Fern C. Willner graduated from both Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri and Zion Bible Institute in East Providence, Rhode Island. At Zion she met her future husband, Rev. Charles Willner, with whom she went on to share a life of adventure and ministry along with their seven children. Fern went to be with the Lord in 2002. This book seeks to keep her vibrant testimony alive.