Strengthen your mind. Know that if you want to change your life, you must change the way you think. Recognize that the quality of your mind depends on how much of God’s truth (as found in His Word, the Bible) you believe and apply to your life. Daily pray for the Holy Spirit to renew your mind as you read and reflect on Scripture. Don’t allow negative thoughts to remain in your mind long enough for you to dwell on them and have them lead you in the wrong direction. Instead, choose to focus on positive thoughts, and let those thoughts guide you in the direction God wants you to go in life. Expect that when you fill your mind with God’s thoughts, you will naturally start to act more like Jesus and experience unshakable peace and joy. 

Don’t just go to church on the weekends – become the church all the time. Realize that the church isn’t a building; it’s the group of believers who loves God and other people both inside and outside the building. Don’t keep your faith confined to just a weekend worship service. Instead, live out your faith constantly. Share the Gospel message with people, respond to people’s needs through loving service, work for justice, disciple new believers, and engage in other activities that God leads you to do in your community and elsewhere. Just as God is transforming you, work to transform your world. Never let complacency distract you from your core mission to help seek and save the lost in this fallen world. Ask God to help you view others you meet as He sees them, and to value their souls enough to give your best to reach out to them in love. 

Shine your light into the darkness around you. As you invite God to transform your life, point other people toward the life God has waiting for them. Look for opportunities to shine the light of God’s love into the darkness of the fallen world, dispelling despair with hope. Don’t hide from the evil in the world or be overwhelmed by it. Instead, ask God to show you how you can overcome evil with good every day at work, in your neighborhood, at school, and wherever else you go. 

Get up close and personal with other people. Ask God to help you love lost and hurting people. Realize that, while you’re not called to help everyone, you are called to help certain people in certain ways – and you need to respond. Pray for God to let you know of specific ways He wants you to help meet specific needs for specific people. Don’t hesitate to become involved in the lives of people to whom God calls you to reach, building genuine relationships with them. Rather than viewing them as projects to work on, see them simply as people to love. 

Remain committed. Stay faithful to the ongoing process of living out your faith authentically. Realize that authentic Christians like you, when working together, wield tremendous potential to change the world for the better. 

Adapted from Stop Acting Like a Christian, Just Be One, copyright 2007 by Christine Caine.  Published by Regal Books, a division of Gospel Light, Ventura, Ca.,  
Christine Caine serves with her husband Nick as a pastor at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, where they have been released to minister worldwide with their family. The director of Equip & Empower Ministries, she is also the author of A Life Unleashed, I’m Not Who I Thought I Was and Youth Ministry – Principles for the 21st Century.